Body In White

Every vehicle is unique in styling, construction, performance and functions. Body is the supporting skeleton of the vehicle. Overall structural performance of the vehicle is determined by the Body in White. BIW consists of formed steel or aluminum sections connected by means of various joining techniques. Body in white is the main core element of a vehicle which protects the passengers during collisions.

Almost all vehicle components like drivetrain, powertrain, electrical, interiors or exteriors are connected to the body. BIW structures must be rigid to support the vehicle weight and keep all components united. At the same time, it should also resist and absorb the energy during the event of a crash. Additionally, to reduce the vehicle weight and increase fuel consumption, body design needs to be lightweight.

Body design needs a special set of skills and understanding. Such as stamping techniques, assembly considerations, metal processing, painting and crash requirements and behavior of the vehicle.

At Technorithm, our extensive experience in vehicle engineering gives us leverage to provide design solutions with cutting-edge methods and guidelines in body engineering.

  • We offer design support to every type of vehicle whether it is a Sport car or commercial truck.
  • Complete BIW design in all classes
  • Support from Initial concept to Production
  • Expertise in Steel, Aluminum, composites, Multi-material bodies, etc
  • Aggregate level i.e. Front Structure, Rear End, Sidewall, etc