Concept Design

Concept design is the most creative stage in product development. Designers have to consider all the possibilities through brainstorming sessions, markups, sketches, imaginations and notes without being nervous about limitations. Out of many ideas, the best suitable idea can become an innovation. Therefore, concept design has a special place at the heart of every innovation.

In the concept phase, the broad frameworks of functions and form of the idea or products are defined. It shows the capability of a final product to solve the defined problem, process of solving the problem and the interactions of the product and a problem. Conscientiously identifying the true problem and searching for the broadest possible range of solution alternatives is the best way to ensure that your final solution is a relatively good one

There is no definite way to start or think of a design concept. But designers have specific ways to create the perfect concept of a product. The generic ways are: Study the problem or product requirements, research on user and product, brainstorm, define a set of solutions and finally choose the best suitable one.

Not everything imagined in the concept design will work out as planned, and discussions between the designer and customer is an ongoing process. Our engineers help our clients throughout the journey of a concept till decoding ideas into realistic products