Door and Closures

Door and Closures are one of the complex structures in vehicles. Automobile doors, hoods or tailgates have far more uses than just access the vehicle and storage or engine compartment. Consumers interact directly with vehicle closures; thus, its aesthetic and functional performance are part of perceived quality from the user. The closure systems separate both interior and exterior components, functioning as the link between them as well as work as its support.

Various ergonomics and safety requirements form the closures as one the complex structures in the vehicle. Many power-connected systems, mechanisms and electrical components are part of the closure systems. The requirements of the better and safer user experience are pushing engineers to develop more innovative ways to construct door and closure systems. Stiffness, structural integrity and energy absorbing capabilities of closure components are essential to reach the crash related norms and to secure the occupant from the accidents. Similarly, surface quality, NVH behavior and corrosion protection are important to increase the perceived excellence.

In the current market scenario, closure systems are constantly evolving to overcome the target of reducing vehicle weights as well as increasing demand for sharp styling features. Lightweight technologies have been implemented in closures since a long time to achieve the same. We at Technorithm gained experience working for world leading OEMs and support our clients with innovative solutions in following aggregates.

  • BIW Door design, Sliding Doors
  • Complete Door Module
  • Hood & Tailgate
  • Closure Sealing systems
  • Sunroof systems
  • Hinge design study
  • Kinematic study
  • Glass drop & Packaging study