Interiors & Exteriors

The styling and design teams at automotive OEMs always walk an extra mile to make the best looking interior and exterior automotive trims. Automobile exterior and interior are the main parts which are perceived by the customer. Apart from the optical importance, interior and exterior parts bear much deep responsibilities in overall vehicle practicality. Industrial designers generate styling surfaces for the overall and homogenous appearance of the vehicle. The main challenge is to automotive engineers to combine aerodynamics, aesthetics and ergonomics principles on one hand, while still meeting regulatory requirements on the other hand, which are safety regulations. Exterior parts like bumpers regulated by certain safety requirements, likewise interior parts drive the ergonomics, many functional and safety requirements of the vehicles.

Enormous development side by side of the Technical revolutions in the automotive world took place at extraordinary pace. Now OEMs must develop more sustainable, trendy, connected and energy efficient vehicles.

As the vehicle designs evolve rapidly, trim designers must know the cutting-edge manufacturing processes of the different material but also the interface between the functions and the surroundings of the parts. Loads of processes are involved in development of these components from stitching to injection molding. The inclusion of safety requirements from head impact zones to side airbag deployment areas. Comprehensive experience is the key to have integrated and proper solutions at the right place.  

Our domain experts have decades of experience using the latest technologies and processes to support our customers state of the art solutions for fulfilling quality deliveries. Some of the areas we work are:

  • Instrument Panel, Arm rest, Consoles, Headliners, sunvisors
  • Roof, Pillar trims, Parcel shelf, Rear Compartment trims
  • Bumpers, Side Door claddings, Air deflectors
  • Side Mirrors, Fenders, Closing boxes,
  • Seat structures, Carpets and other soft trims