Innovation is the key to bring better products to users, benefits the environment and growth in whole. Automotive world has gone through tremendous innovations from mass production of steam engines to modern day efficient and environment-friendly vehicles. Computer aided softwares is helping engineers to design vehicle components at elevated speed and accuracy. Similarly, mechanical simulations benefit businesses to save high cost coupled with testing of expensive prototypes and test equipment.

Simulations provide users practical feedback of the real world systems. This enables designers to determine the performance and effectiveness of the product and in its relation to the overall system, before it is actually manufactured. With the help of simulations, engineers can evaluate the product from its early phase of design. This allows them to drastically curtail the duration of the product development cycle.

At Technorithm Engineering, we provide CAE services to the automobile OEMs and their suppliers. We cooperate with our customers at short notice for any size of the project. We also integrate teams as an on-site support resource.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Structural Simulations
  • Static simulation
  • Durability/Fatigue
  • Dynamic & Impact 
  • Explicit/Crash Simulations
  • Thermal analysis
  • Topology Optimization
  • Multibody simulations

Noise, vibrations & Harshness

CFD Simulations

  • Flow analysis
  • Heat Transfer 

Manufacturing Process Simulations

  • Injection Mould-flow 
  • Sheet Metal Forming

We operate at any level of autonomy; the customer would like us to do. Our experience is, the engagement and trust flourish with time. We have set a process for our business governance.

We provide a best-in-class CAE team at best competitive price advantage to the customers - no staffing, hardware or software necessary.