Defense Solutions

Defense Engineering focuses on the development and production of technologies that not only ensures national security but also its stability and human lives whether they are fighting on the borders or its citizens. In the last few years defense engineering has gone through dramatic developments. Instead of producing necessary systems and equipment, governments also involved private talent in its development.

In defense engineering, many disciplines are involved i.e. mechanical, aviation, chemical, marine, structural, electrical and electronics. Along with this, the next challenge is to stringent test & quality requirements, advanced materials and environmental analysis. The best thing about defense engineering is the breadth and variety of innovation and opportunities involved. 

Our Management involved veterans who worked for mobility partner in defence services to Indian Army. With first-hand experience in defence logistics, we are here to help provide technical insights, product engineering solutions to fulfill the exceptional requirements in the defence sector. Some of engineering capabilities mentioned below:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Product and mechanical engineering
  • Vehicle systems engineering
  • Sub-system and prototyping
  • Weapon system integration
  • Technical project consultation 
  • Endurance and Survivability engineering
  • Armour systems design
  • Functional and environmental simulations