Automotive Interior & Exterior Design

Automobile exterior and interior are the main parts which are perceived by the customer. Apart from the optical importance, interior and exterior parts bear much deep responsibilities. Some exterior parts are regulated by certain safety requirements. Interior parts drive the ergonomics, many functional and safety requirements of the vehicles. Trim designers should not only know the various manufacturing processes of the different material but also the interface between the functions and the surroundings of the parts.

Automotive Trim Domain Training at Technorithm gives a competitive edge to engineers with extensive knowledge of Exterior and interior components from Class A surface to system level design.

  • Plastics Fundamentals
  • Overview of applications in Automotive sectors
  • Classification of Plastics
  • Brief on most common Plastics materials for Auto sector
  • Plastics Physical Properties
  • Manufacturing Process: Extrusion, Injection, Blow Molding, etc
  • FRP - Fiber -Reinforced Plastics
  • SMC - Sheet molding compound 
  • GMT - Glass-mate reinforced thermoplastics
  • Plastic Foams 
  • Thermoforming ( Vacuum Forming)
  • Welding Plastics: Thermal, Friction welding, induction, etc.
  • Adhesive bonding of plastics
  • Plastic product Designing guidelines
  • Communication skills, Time Mgt, Project Mgt, Quality Standards, MS office, Interview Skills, etc.
  • CAD Model Tree Management
  • Plastic CAD modeling method
  • A Class / Style Surface handling 
  • B Class & C Class / Thicken surface creation
  • Interface feature design 
  • Draft Analysis check considering Tooling direction
  • Component level Design 
  • Two Component level Assy. Design
  • Complex Assy. level Design
  • Complete System Level design – Bumper Assy. 

We go beyond theoretical and CAD practices to present the real world scenarios to our trainees. To become a successful designer, It is essential for students or trainees to understand the practical perspective of manufacturing processes involved in the lifecycle of the Automotive Exterior and Interiors. 

We arrange industrial visits to our trainees to demonstrate various manufacturing processes from the Injection molding toolroom, different joining processes, assembly of components.