Lightweight Design

Automobile industry has always been concentrating on reducing the “Vehicle weight”. Weight of the vehicle plays an important role on vehicle dynamics, agility and fuel consumption. Not only this but also limited natural resources and stringent climate protection rules are also challenging the automotive industry to focus on vehicle weight. Across the world, countries are setting strict emissions targets that get more ambitious over time. Thus pushing automakers to use more and more lightweight material in vehicles.

Lightweighting through systematic approach:

  • Focus on design details: Engineers need to understand the functional requirements of the individual system to employ a lightweight approach in every area. right material, suitable joint methods at the right place is needed for successful weight reduction.
  • Materials: Material and joint selection is challenging. New simulation methods are helping engineers to quickly come to a right decision for crashworthiness and durability of the Joint and material characteristics.
  • Production: Most times the biggest hurdle is to handle longer cycle time, cost and various manufacturing processes.

We help our clients to develop innovative solutions in many areas, e.g. Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and industrial components. We provide our customers with customized and sustainable but cost-effective and environment friendly at the same time.